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Did you know that we go out and about filming events in our community? This week we did, and we are so proud to have filmed the September 11 Remembrance Ceremony that took place at the Government Center this week.

We're also beginning to upload all of our HD programming to our YouTube Channel so you can watch our programs in full HD on your Smart TV, Roku or just about any other streaming device through YouTube.

All of our recent shows are on our YouTube channel. Make sure to go over and subscribe to see our latest programs.

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We have new Videography Familiarization classes twice a year. Click on Classes to find out more.

Our weekly Featured Video gives you a taste of our programming. We bring you local government meetings, local events that you won't see anywhere else, and an archive full of historic programming.

You can see our programs on Comcast Channels 7 & 9, and on our YouTube Channel.

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