About Us


 Welcome to the Calaveras County Paul Moeller Public Access Television Studio About Page! Our Studio is located in the heart of Gold Country, and the heart of Calaveras County in San Andreas, California.

We are a P.E.G. Access organization that is a part of the Calaveras County Government, and are one of a handful of County departments that are self funded. Our funding comes from Cable Franchise Fees, and is used to support the two channels we operate, local Comcast Channels 7 & 9. Our local channels fall under the P. and the G. in the P.E.G. umbrella of channels, with Channel 7 being our Public Channel where we broadcast local events and topics of interest to our community, while Channel 9 is our Government Channel where we broadcast government meetings like the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors, the Calaveras County Planning Commission, the Angels Camp City Council, the Calaveras Council of Governments, and more. We not only air these programs on our TV channels, but we also provide the production services that are necessary to produce the government meetings, post the meetings to our YouTube channel in a timely manner, as well as help with the live streaming of the meetings in real time.

P.E.G. Access in Calaveras County was founded by the non-profit group Calaveras Community TV, an organization that was formed in 1983. Led by the incomparable Paul Moeller, the group worked tirelessly to make the dream of having a Public Access TV Studio facility for the residents of Calaveras County a reality. The group did this to ensure members of the community would have a place to learn to produce their own programs and have a platform on which to express thier voice through those programs.

We strive to broadcast locally produced programs whenever possible, drawing from our program archive of over 8,500 locally produced programs to do so. In order to air current and engaging programs, we also curate programs from other public access stations, government agencies and non-profit groups. We also broadcast arts and entertainment programs and European news programs that you may not see on other channels.

Our Mission:

The mission of Public, Education, and Government (P.E.G.) Access Television in Calaveras County is to offer residents the means and opportunity to learn how to capture and produce programs that reflect the community members of our County, then to provide a venue for those programs to be shown on local television and the digital universe. Furthermore, we are here to help our community grow, both as individuals and as a collective, in order to express our own unique voices, and give those voices a forum to be heard on local television and on digital media.

Our Goals:

The goals for P.E.G. Access Television are to promote free speech, foster diverse points of view, encourage communication, create opportunities, encourage artistic expression, and expand educational access in the digital world for our community members in order to enrich the lives of Calaveras County residents and visitors.

For more information you can contact the PATV Studio in San Andreas at (209)754-4021, or message us on our Facebook Page, Calaveras Community TV.